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Morelia bredli
Bredl`s Python / Centralian Python

Our Bredl`s- Pythons are very colorfull, bright red with a yellowish ringed pattern. This python grow up to a avarage length of 200cm and slightly more. They are all very gentle and go very quick very tame. They are also easy to keep, the average temperate should be at daytime between 26- 30C°, local around 35 - 45C° [hotspot], at nighttime between 20 - 25C°. The humidity should be at daytime average around 50 -70% and at nighttime around 70 - 80%. In wintertime the average temperature can be slightly deeper, but a hotspot must be offert all the time. When the babys are hatched, they are pale braun with a ringed pattern, but every of these pale braun hatchling could grow up to be a trophy specimen. Morelia bredli can be one of the most colorfull and spectacular “wildforms” of the Australian Pythons, maybe of the Pythons at all. If you are interested in these beauties, you should have a look at “Available” here on this homepage.

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