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Morelia spilota cheynei
Jungle Carpet Python (black and yellow form)

One of the favorites in the Carpet Python breeding is till years the very beautifull black and yellow form of Morelia spilots cheynei. We are breedind this beautis till the 90th , but only a few every year, because our main “cheynei”-breedingstock consist of the black and white form. Our black and yellow adults are bright yellow and ringed with big black blothes. This Carpet Python is very colorfull, don`t grow much over 170 cm and is easy to keep. The average temperate should be at daytime around 26- 28C°, local around 40C° [hotspot], at nighttime around 22C°. The humidity should be at daytime average around 70 -80% and at nighttime around 90 - 100%. If you are interested in these beauties, you should have a look at “Available” here on this homepage.

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