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Morelia spilota harrisoni
Papuan Carpet Python
(formerly known as Morelia spilota variegata- Irian Jaya Carpet Python)

The scientific-name changed from Morelia spilota variegata to Morelia spilota harrisoni and the common-name should change from “Irian Jaya Carpet Python” to “Papuan Carpet Python”, that would be then the only right and not confusing common-name, because the western part of New Guinea is called West Papua today and not longer Irian Jaya and the most places are known where this Python occur is in PNG and there in the southern part, called Papua. Anyway, the names changed but the animals are still the same. This is a small to medium Python (average adult length is between 140 and 180cm) with a mostly beautifull red and yellow pattern. The most of our breeding pairs are fantastic bright red (or a very nice kind of orange) and mostly with a light (yellowish - yellow) dorsal length stripe, running over the whole bodylength. They are very easy to keep. In the wild they live in Eucalyptus-Savannas, where it can be very dry, because of that fact, the humidity must`nt be extremly high, it should be at daytime between 60 – 70% and at night between 70 – 80%. The average temperature should be at the daytime between 26- 30C°, local around 35 - 45C° [hotspot], at nighttime between 21 - 25C°. If you are interested in these beauties, you should have a look at “Available” here on this homepage.

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