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Jaguar Carpet Python  (M. s. mcdowelli)

The Jaguar Carpet Python is still one of the most exciting morphs at the Carpet Python complex.
A Jaguar has a strongly reduced pattern and a “colour buster” (extreme yellow with a reduced pattern…pls. see photos…). This morph is co-dominant (co-dominant means that approx. 50% of every clutch Jaguars will hatch, careless which was the other partner/subspecies….), what makes it very interesting especially for breeders, because you get very fast results by breeding them. This morph is bred the first time by my friend Jan Eric Engell (www.jaguarpython.com), by breeding the Coastal Carpet Python M. s. mcdowelli. This pure blooded Coastal Jaguars are called “Regular Jaguar”. But there are some “Designer Jaguars” around, like:
Papuan Jaguar = crossed with M. s. harrisoni
Jungle Jaguar = crossed with M. s. cheynei or the
Diamond Jaguar = crossed with an Diamond python (Morelia spilota spilota)
Diamond Jungle Jaguar = crossed with a “Crossing” (a hybrid between M. s. spilota and M. s. cheynei) and additional another morph is hatched at Jan`s place by breeding Regular Jaguars, the so called “Hypo Jaguars” (real screamers…). My Jaguars are from different European breeders (and rigth now from my own......)for more information please look at "Future Projects"!!
Like 2006 I expect to get several Jaguar clutches (Designer + Regular) this season (2007), please check out for the offsprings "Available"........

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