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Morelia spilota mcdowelli

This is - with up to 400cm and 7000gr - the biggest subspecies of the Morelia spilota- komplex. Our adults are slightly more than 300cm long and for “mcdowellis” colorfull with a good pattern. They are very very easy to keep, the average temperate should be at daytime between 26- 30C°, local around 35 - 45C° [hotspot], at nighttime between 21 - 25C°. The humidity should be at daytime average around 60 -70% and at nighttime around 80 - 90%. We are breeding this form still right now - till the 90th – because they are fantastic for beginners and this “giants” are very gentle and thankfull, therefore we won`t miss them in our breedingstock. If you are interested in these beauties, please have a look at “Available” here on this homepage.

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